BETEYAH League Set

Train and play like the best country in the world at baseball with the original equipment for the Dominican Republic version of baseball, played by 99.99% every Dominican baseball players since the 1970s.

Beteyah has proven to be one of the most efficient and effective training aids for developing hand-eye coordination and off-speed pitch intelligence for any baseball and softball player from beginners to professionals.

Primary Functions

  • The #1 proven introductory tool for new baseball players
  • An essential training aid for all baseball / softball players
  • Is own fun and entertaining game

 Additional Baseball / Softball Features

  • Easiest and safest way to replicate major league style curveballs,sliders, sinkers and risers
  • An easy addition to on and off field practice
  • Essential winter and indoor baseball / softball training aid
  • Preserves pitcher stamina


  • 100 Official Beteyah Caps
  • 1 Official Beteyah Strikezone
  • 3 Official Beteyah Bats -30", 32" and 34"

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